Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enterprise as an economic cell, but it is also a social cell, North Asia Strategic Holdings Limited in the business and development process; always bear in mind their social responsibilities. Corporate responsibility is inseparable from the corporate culture; management style is the refraction from corporate culture. NAS operates in Hong Kong for many years, that integrates the Chinese and Western cultures with the team, and gradually formed its own characteristics of cognitive responsibility. Our responsibility principle mainly reflected in:

  • Courtesy and Honesty

    Law-abiding responsibility is the the bottom line of every enterprise. NAS emphasizes to request from a higher moral level in its investment, holding and affiliate companies. For instance, business integrity, not involved and connected in any stage of the production and sale of fake and shoddy products; compliance with the local cultural habits and public order when carrying out investment projects; and stay transparency and openness for business partners and customers, not selectively disclose information.

  • Respect and Morality

    As an investment holding company, NAS embraces its employees as the most valuable asset by offering competitive salaries to ensure a healthy working environment, focusing on sharing and training, to create a platform where offers development opportunities for employees and respect each other and personality equality is our insistence. At the same time, we are adhering to the high priority of moral integrity and ability on the staff selection and the personality moulding process. Talented with high morality will be earnestly trained, Non-talented without morality will be carefully trained ; Non-talented without morality will not be considered.

  • Environment Protection

    Earth is our home, which relies on us to protect the natural environment. NAS believes that "one for all, all for one" concept that brings more goods to the protection of the environment, although NAS is a very small economy cell, but we will insist on not investing and managing any company that pollutes the environment, nor striving for any economic benefits at the expense of the environment. Focus on the development of environmental technology, giving top priority on the environmental protection business as our investment area, that results in contributing our strength to the environment protection and sustainable development.

  • Technology Advance

    In the coming decades, China will remain the world's largest market, is now experiencing technology upgrade, industrial restructuring / upgrading historic challenges and various opportunities. NAS as an enterprise possess key business in China, not only focus on investment and economic returns, and will also consider the environmental and technical standards of the investment projects and the investing company. Our future investment will mainly focus on technology advance and industrial upgrade related projects and companies, while remain cautious on technology backward, and not conducive to environmental protection and development of the project. We hope to realize economic benefit through participation of technology advance and industrial upgrading in Chinese enterprises.