American Tec

November 5, 2014



American Tec is a subsidiary of North Asia Strategic Holdings Limited (NAS). Established in 1986, the company started the business to service the SMT (PCBA) manufacturing industry. It specializes in equipment supply, services and automated solutions for the SMT and Semiconductor industry in mainland China (including Hong Kong), South-East Asia, Vietnam, India and has been in business for nearly 30 years. With the increasing complexity and miniaturization of electronics products as well as growing labor cost in the manufacturing industry, the pursue of higher Productivity and increase level of Automation will be the absolute trend. American Tec sees the ability to providing customers with optimized technology and solutions as utmost importance to success.

American Tec has been committed to offering customers with the most competitive value-added solutions in the past three decades. Being one of the first distributor of SMT related equipment in China, through relentless effort and hard work, including a team of experience sales and technical professionals, customer’s and the industry are quick to  recognize the contribution and impact that American Tec is having on the electronics manufacturing industry in Asia. American Tec will continue to maintain and build a highly efficient, specialize and professional team, will continue to expand and enhance the overall sales and support infrastructure with the goal of becoming the optimized platform for technology & solutions of the electronics industry.