NAS believes in creating
Values for all stakeholders

North Asia Strategic Holdings Limited (“NAS”), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 8080) is a diversified holding company focused on bringing together market leaders, proven management teams, disciplined acquisition strategy and prominent institutional investors from all over the world. NAS seeks to be the leading professionally managed, widely-owned and transparent company in Asia.

NAS’ strategy toward achieving these goals is encapsulated in two stages: (1) a discrete stage and (2) a continuous stage. In the discrete stage, NAS intends to invest its committed capital in market leaders which can leverage not only the company’s capital but also its network, operational mentors and cross-border management skills. During this stage, NAS’ team will strive to create a holding company with strong cash flow and earnings at the same time following a disciplined value investment strategy. This process will result from distinct transactions falling within NAS’ sector focus.

In the continuous stage, which coincides with the conversion of the preferred shareholders, NAS’ team intends to streamline the market leaders into “centers of excellence” and create greater awareness amongst the public investment community of its position amongst listed conglomerates peers and begin building a gradual and predictable earnings base.

In the process as a whole, NAS believes it will create value for all stakeholders.



Dragon Mining was acquired in August


Mr. Ding joined in NAS in February.
Coland was sold in September.
Burger King was sold in October.